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Cell phone culture changing lives

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The culture of cell phones consists of cameras everywhere and can be capturing a person's every move. Are cameras forcing different behavior from society? How is cell phone video changing the culture?

"You're always being watched whether you know it or not," said Mississippi resident Jason Jones.

In an instant, video can be recorded through cell phones and blasted across social media and online for millions of people to view.

"It's kind of hard because you want someone to capture what is going on because it's always been his word against that person's word," added Jones.

Jones talked about the camera being on following the recent killings caught on cell phone video.

"A lot of times we have to think is it more important to catch the video or try to get help," said Jones. "A lot of times we are not thinking about that. We are just trying to say oh I caught something on video."

Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones said sometimes people can abuse cell phone video taping, in cases where they may record things the department finds not presentable to the public. However, he says there is a positive side.

"But, as it relates to helping us solve crimes, we find it to be successful," said Commander Jones. "We get that information and we are able to download it and that becomes part of evidence in a particular case or investigation and it is admissible evidence in the case as well."

"It's definitely always a toss of the coin with that situation because that few seconds that I had to call for help you know if I am video taping that's precious time lost," said Jason Jones.

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