Erasing graffiti in Virden Addition - - Jackson, MS

Erasing graffiti in Virden Addition

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Residents in one Jackson neighborhood are getting help eradicating unsightly graffiti. Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes says some of it is connected to gangs in the area.

Councilman Stokes believes that the gang graffiti gives the impression they are in control, plus he says it's a bad influence on the young people in this area.
That's why they are on a mission to cover up any and all graffiti.

"The issue is to send the message to young people that the way out of poverty is through education not gang affiliation," said Stokes

Stokes says there is not necessarily a gang problem in the area, but he wants to keep it that way.

"If you allow this gang situation to continue to exist and expand then you could look at some of the situations you see in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York a lot join gangs for love or a place to belong," added Stokes.

The graffiti is within eyesight of a giant abandoned warehouse which Hinds County Constable Jerry Moore plans to turn into a community outreach center, where he plans to engage youth through career development.

"Train them for the different things and different jobs that are coming to Hinds county and Jackson so we can better train our people for those positions," said Constable Moore. "Get them ready to make that transformation into those job situations, that way they can turn around and help the community lower crime."

The center, which is 60 percent complete, was recently wiped clean of graffiti.  It will be called Community Open Arms Transformation, and will also specialize in family activities and counseling.

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