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A/C units stolen from apartment complex for a third time

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

This sweltering heat is no time for air conditioning break downs, but image your distress if your unit is stolen.

It's happened repeatedly at a South Jackson Apartment complex on Raymond Road.

According to Woodridge Apartment management, criminals are boldly removing air conditioning units from the property, leaving residents scorching and costing tens of thousands of dollars.

"Three, four, five, six stolen today," said Woodridge Maintenance Supervisor Jermaine Gray as he looked across the south end of the complex.

He arrived at work early Wednesday morning to respond to resident's complaints of the air conditioning not working and instead he found another group of units stolen.

"It started three weeks ago. The first time had about five stolen," said Gray. "Then we had one stolen. Then six stolen, and we've had four or five cut loose that they didn't get".

Management believes that between 12:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., the large units were removed from the property.

The culprits tried to get another unit but left cut freon lines.

"You would think someone heard something because when you cut those lines, it's a really loud sound like an air sound real loud with the freon coming out. Those things are actually heavy. It takes about two people to pick those units up," added Gray.

Sunday, two units were taken. 

 As temperatures rose into the mid 90's, a dialysis patient was forced to leave while his unit was replaced.

Others, including an elderly woman caring for her grandchild, also fled the searing heat inside their apartments.

"A hundred and six or more (degrees) because you know, it's enclosed - no air," said 24-year-old Ranquel Dotson, a Woodridge Apartments resident.

Dotson wasn't aware of the thefts, but he is concerned because no one has caught them while stealing the units in the early morning hours.

"A lot of people out here work, so they're going to bed at that time, before that time," said Dotson. "The thieves, they don't worry about the next person".

Residents reported seeing unfamiliar trucks, one brown and another large, black truck with big wheels driving suspiciously through the property on separate occasions.

JPD has increased patrols in the complex. 

If you have any information about the air conditioning unit thefts, please call Jackson Police at 601-9601234

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