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Grenada community divided after a father is indicted for baby hot car death

Source: Carlos Moore Source: Carlos Moore

August 18 is the next time Joshua Blunt is set to go before a judge. This comes just days after a grand jury returned a Manslaughter indictment for the death of his only child.

Blunt sat behind bars at the Grenada County Jail as he waited for friends and family to collect $1,500 in bond money to get him out.

Friends and family were able to raise the bail money, and he was out of jail Wednesday night.

He faces up to 20 years in prison for his 8-month-old daughter's death after she was left in his hot car back in May.

His attorney Carlos Moore believes the manslaughter charge is more about racism than fairness. 

“I feel like if Blunt had been a white female he would be a free man,’ said Moore.  “I know eight days before, an incident happened in Madison County where a white woman's child was left in a hot car and she was never arrested, her face didn't appear all over the nation on television and she has not been indicted for anything.

WLBT reached out to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office to find out if the Mother of 2 year old Caroline Bryant had been charged.

DA Michael Guest said the case has been turned over to his office and he expects the grand jury to hear the case next month.

“It is a slap in the face," added Moore. "It is unfortunate that this happens time and time again that young black male is never given the benefit of the doubt.” 

Some people in the Grenade community share Moore's outrage especially after our exclusive interview with Blunt aired where he broke down over his child's death.

“Like everybody was saying, the white people, they do it and get a little time off and when the black people do it and they get a sentence,” said a Grenada resident.

Others said this case is not about race, but negligence.

“I say punish him to the fullest no matter what because you can't forget you child," said a Grenada resident. "This little guy is totally dependent on his parents.” 

“I think he got what he deserved. I am sorry that he is black,” said another Grenada Resident. 

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