Manhunt underway for man who escaped MHP custody - - Jackson, MS


Manhunt underway for man who escaped MHP custody

Jercody Nelson.....Source: MHP Jercody Nelson.....Source: MHP
Siource: WLBT Siource: WLBT

Law enforcement officers are looking for a man who escaped from police custody following a traffic stop on Highway 49 in Jackson

Jercody Nelson was stopped for speeding at 8:50 p.m. and arrested in front of the Presidential Hills subdivision. He was driving 100 mph and the trooper who stopped him suspected he had been drinking.

The trooper put him in the patrol car and went to search Nelson's vehicle. While the trooper was occupied with the search, Nelson, who was cuffed, got out of the trooper's car and ran. Nelson is 6-foot-6, and weighs 195 pounds.

Law Enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions are combing the area trying to find Nelson.

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