CONSIDER THIS: Guest Editorials - Your Perspective - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Guest Editorials - Your Perspective

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Each week we air two commentaries on topics that are currently impacting our state or region. As part of our commitment to be engaged in the communities that make up our viewing area we offer this platform for you to share your rebuttal or perspective through our guest editorial process.

Last week Dr. Rosie Pridgen, Chair of the Board of Commissioners for the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, shared her comments on the state’s effort to take control of the oversight commission. We appreciate Dr. Pridgen’s feedback and use her editorial as an example of why we offer this guest commentary opportunity.

Consider This:

If you have an opinion on an issue impacting our area, and you would like to be considered for a guest editorial, please send your comments to our editorial committee by e-mailing your information to We’ll reply with the details of our policies, guidelines and procedures.

The segment is meant to offer perspective, create dialogue and respectful, constructive debate. Sharing your opinion helps to achieve that goal. 

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