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Boating safety on 4th of July holiday

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Many families were out in the heat enjoying the 4th of July holiday on the Reservoir. Sarah Smith and her family are making it a holiday tradition. 

"He did a pork lion before we left so we'll actually finish it on the grill," said Smith. "We've got some sausage, we've got a little dessert we are going to have so we love to grill on the boat because you can just stay out here all day and it's so beautiful." 

Although it was a beautiful day, it was also very hot.  Bikers on the trace tried to get out early for their ride.

"This trail is great because there are water fountains along the way," said biker Jack Straham. "So every couple of miles you get to stop and refill if you need it. Great day for a ride." 

Lieutenant Wayne Cockrell with Reservior Police say more patrols are out on the water for the holiday Monday.  They are making sure people are drinking responsibly and looking for anyone boating recklessly.  The BUI law is pretty much the same as a DUI; no one should have more than point 08 blood alcohol content. 

"Usually on holiday weekends it's a busy time for the reservoir on the water. We have lots of influx of boats on the water which 90 percent of them or more are consuming alcohol," said Cockrell. "They can possess alcohol on the water but the driver or the operator of the boat cannot consume alcohol while operating a boat"

Smith and her family have life jackets on hand and just ensuring a safe holiday for her family.

"We have our floaters. We have a spot light, we have fog horn, we have flairs. We have everything possible just in case something happens," said Smith. "A first aid kit because having a child out, anything could happen so we make sure. We try to be as prepared as possible."

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