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Water main break breaks 4th of July plans

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Imagine waking up on the 4th of July holiday. You have plans to host family, but you can't shower, use the bathroom or prepare food, because the waters out.

That was the stark reality for residents on Crepe Myrtle drive, and surrounding neighborhoods. Residents woke up to find their water off, and a giant geyser in the middle of the street.

The water main break caused a water outage several blocks wide. Jackson city crews spent much of the day working to replace a pipe that had corroded under the street causing the leak.

Some residents say they've received water bills that were several thousand dollars, and they blame the leak. 

"It's the infrastructure, bad pipes." said resident Warren Donaldson. "They need to do something about those pipes. You can't look around, some are busting somewhere, then people in the neighborhood suffer, suffer for no water and stuff."

City crews brought in a replacement pipe and were able to get the water back on by mid-afternoon.

We contacted the city to see if they planned to replace any other sections of the water pipe on that street. They have not responded.

One resident, Terry Catchings, said he received a water bill for over $3,400.00 and he believes the leak is the reason why.

He and other residents are planning to sign a petition and give it to the city, asking their accounts be cleared.

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