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The Golden Age of Aviation

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The 4th of July also included a rare opportunity for some.  Thrill seekers found a rare bird at the Madison airport.  Photographer Wesley Harris was taken up for a birds eye view of the reservoir by a pilot passionate about aviation history.

We traveled to the Madison airport. That's where we spotted a truly classic aircraft, one of the few of it's kind still flying.

The proud owner and pilot is David Mars.

"It's a chance to experience a piece of aviation history," said Mars. "And when people come out and  buy rides from me, they are helping keep history alive," said Mars Monday.

Mars is a Madison pilot and Lindbergh historian, who holds true to the past and shares flying back in time to the Golden age of aviation with anyone interested in joining him.

"You can kind of close your eyes  and imagine going back to 1929 when life was much simpler," he said before taking the plane up. "Basically I'm an aerial gypsy and travel the country in the plane; sleep under the wing."

The candy apple and yellow plane made a statement on the  tarmac, with it's open cockpits, it's perfectly varnished wooden propeller, it roared with the sound of history. 

A biplane buff, WLBT photographer Wesley Harris jumped at the chance to crawl in and go airborne. 

After taxiing down the runway..making a turn into the wind, the red bi-plane soared into the heavens. Harris described his experience.

"Being (in) a plane this old and just think of the history of aviation as you are flying, to see the reservoir area in a different way. It's really cool," said Harris.
"I've taken 19 thousand people and this is my 5th decade in which I've sold rides," said Mars. "I started in the 70's with a Stearman. I've done it as part of a group as part of a flying circus." 
"It's a chance to experience aviation history. when people come out and buy a ride from me. they are keeping history alive," added Mars with a smile on his face.

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