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Diabetes Foundation calling for support

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Following much controversy with a state lawmaker regarding the impact of diabetes in the state, those who are affected are now trying to turn negativity into something positive.

"Parents are the pancreas of these children," said Samantha Manning. "We have all of these tools we can use, but insurance companies don't want to pay for these tools and it's just a nightmare."

Type 1 Diabetes doesn't allow a person's body to produce insulin. Manning's 12-year-old daughter, Kennedy, is one of the many children in our state who is forced to live with this autoimmune disease.

"On a daily basis, it's tough. She has to test her blood sugars up to eight times a day," said Manning. "Just yesterday, if I had not had insurance myself, I went to fill her prescription for one insulin she takes and for a 30 day supply, it was $583."

Necessary medications and supplies can cost about $3,000 per month.

In recent days, one of Manning's friends reached out to state representative Jeffrey Guice trying to get help from the state in regards to medication and supplies, after an issue formed with Medicaid and drug suppliers regarding those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.

Guice came under fire, being called rude and insensitive, for an email response he sent to his constituent.

"We have taken the recent negative emails from one of our state legislatures and turned it into a good thing," Manning said. "What we have done is challenge our current legislatures who are in a special session to donate ten dollars of their per diem pay to go to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's Helping Hands Program."

This program helps right here in our state including newly diagnosed patients as well as those who are under-insured.

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn has donated $100 and is now challenging other legislators to help in the fight.

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