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Mississippi residents react to Religious Accommodations Act ruling

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

The ruling stopping HB 1523 from taking effect Friday has set social media and the streets abuzz. While some people looked at today's ruling as step in the right direction for Mississippi, others said it is a setback for those with strong religious values.

“It is time for Mississippi to move forward and move back to being a hospitality state,” said Jackson Resident Michael Dorado.

Dorado waved his Rainbow flag proudly in downtown Jackson. He was recently married here in the state and says news of the Religious Accommodations Act being blocked is another victory for the LGBT community.

“There will be no legal bounds of discrimination against us  for our beliefs or because I have a rainbow flag," said Dorado. "My mail man couldn't say I am not going to deliver mail to you.” 

But backers of the bill  admitted  they are upset about the ruling.

“What they do in the privacy of their own home is fine, but when they get out in public it is a different story and striking it down violates rights for people like me,” said Clinton Resident Keith Adams.

They tell us the ruling is another way to silence people with strong religious values and that's discrimination. 

“They should consider that if the people that have these businesses, they don't want that stuff around their kids," added Adams. "I don't dislike the people because they got that preference and all that, they say it is not a choice, but at the same time the people who don't believe in it should have the right to  say I don't want that around me,” added Adams.

But Restaurants like 303 Jefferson feel the law was just bad for business. The eatery was even part the Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association campaign that spoke out against the bill called, “EVERYONE'S WELCOME HERE."

“Our business is to serve the community and everyone in the community,” said General Manager Preston Grace.

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