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Special session ends on 2nd day

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It took an extra day, but state law makers have completed their work in this years special session. 

They have now given the Governor the ability to borrow money from the rainy day fund to make up for a budget shortfall.

This money will now be spread out among state agencies to make up for a budget miscalculation of about 60 million dollars.

House Democrats took exception with House and Senate Republicans trying to push the legislation through without any discussion. Several members of the house tried to spark that debate by introducing several amendments to the bill, but they were immediately voted down by the majority Republicans.

Some house members say the bill in it's final form gives the Governor too much power.

"It is our job to say where dollars go and if there's going to be a shortfall then that should fall on us," said Representative Omeria Scott. "We should own it but we don't allow someone from another branch of government the opportunity to plug holes like he wants to then if it doesn't work out then he says hey they're the appropriators."

"It's regrettable that the grandstanding of the House Democrats cost taxpayers an additional $30,000," Governor Bryant said in a statement released Wednesday. "I am grateful to the leadership of the Senate and the House for doing their job and allowing me to do mine -- balance the state budget."

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