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Special Session will last 2 days

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

State lawmakers are taking an extra day to pass legislation to make up for a budget shortfall. 

Governor Phil Bryant called lawmakers back, asking them to pass legislation allowing him to borrow money from the rainy day fund, to pay for budget shortfalls.

Members of the Senate passed a bill, giving the Governor the authority to take a loan from the rainy day fund just past noon. When it got to the house, talks stalled, then halted for the day.

"I don't respond much to house Democrats," said Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. "They have had a hard time getting elected and they're frustrated. I understand that. Here's the reality; we've been fiscally responsible, we've been fiscally prudent. That's the reason we have $365 million in the rainy day fund."

House Democrats say they're not only concerned about this year's budget, but say next year's budget is already off by over $50 million.

"It's a pure dictatorship from the top down and you can see the results of it," said Representative Steve Holland. "It's broken."

House and Senate Republicans and Democrats are now at odds over how much control the Governor should have over the states savings, costing taxpayers thousands in the process.  

"There was a group that decided they didn't want to suspend the rules," said Representative Mark Baker. "I guess they want to get paid another day. It's an embarrassment actually to the people of the state of Mississippi."

The session will now cost taxpayers over $100,000, because they have gone into a second day.

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