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CONSIDER THIS: Internet Safe Zones

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Many people buy and sell items online. Usually that means having someone come to your home or meeting them in a parking lot to complete the deal or a buyer can be the target of a bogus deal. That can be very dangerous.

We’ve heard horror stories of buyers and sellers who were robbed, assaulted… and some even murdered.

One local community, Clinton, is creating a safe zone for internet sellers. The city is providing an area, inside and outside, that is monitored 24 hours at the police department. The police department can even run the VIN on a vehicle to make sure it isn’t stolen. 

Consider This:

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman said they are offering this service as another way to prevent crime. It’s a way to make the city safer. 
Nice job, Clinton. This is a great community service and something many other cities could, and should, implement to make their area a safer place as well. 

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