Kids graduate from MS State Trooper youth camp - - Jackson, MS

Kids graduate from MS State Trooper youth camp


Friday, 100 young men and women graduated from the Mississippi State Trooper Youth Camp.

They were selected from all over Mississippi for this summer camp and, Friday, 75 young men and 25 young women, between the ages of 13 and 17, wrapped up the week with a graduation ceremony as proud family members and friends watched.

The youth camp is a project of the Mississippi Central State Trooper Coalition.

Their mission is to provide "at risk" young people with positive experiences; helping them become productive, law abiding citizens. 

"We try to strive to show them the good side of life," said Senior Staff Sgt. Larry Donnell Edwards. "Some of them may have seen some badder sides. We try to show them the good side of life, you know, where you can do what's right and be successful. You don't have to be with the crowd. You can be not with the crowd and do what's right."

These youngsters also got medals and trophies for participating.

There was a $150 registration fee that goes toward lodging, food and activities.

It was held this year at Hinds Community College in Raymond.

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