Thieves steal gas from boats at Ross Barnett Reservoir - - Jackson, MS

Thieves steal gas from boats at Ross Barnett Reservoir

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Gasoline being siphoned from boats, late at night, docked along the Reservoir. Reservoir officials said they are getting a lot of reports of this activity.

Instead of paying at the gas pump, Reservoir police said someone is stealing fuel from these boats at the Main Harbor and the store here.

“What they do is just siphon it out of there and they put the water in their to make it look like on the gauge that it is full,” said Harbor9r Store manager Arron Criddle.

Aaron Criddle is the manager at the Main Harbor. He said the problem started earlier this month and every day it gets worse and worse. Just this week gas thieves got away with 100 gallons of gas.

“I don't know what is going through their minds. I don't know why someone would do something like this there is so much effort to get it out of the Boat, but then to replace it with water. I don't know what's going through their minds,” said Criddle.

When water is put in the tanks to replace the gas. It causes an even bigger headache. In fact, Criddle said at least three3 boats have had to be repaired, which is not cheap.

“What it does it completely stops the engine and it causes major throughout the whole system. It is no one thing that happens. It mess everything up,’ said Criddle.

“It is frustrating. I know I wouldn't want anyone stealing my gas, and I wouldn't do it to a body else,” said a boater.

Some of the boaters in the area were surprised to hear about this horrible act. They will now have to keep an extra eye on their boats.

“It is not so much the money you just feel violated, and it just puts a bad taste in your mouth,” said another board.

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