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Safety concerns continue regarding the Hinds Co. Detention Center

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It's no secret the Hinds County Detention Center has made headlines for many years regarding conditions inside the jail. Friday, we wanted answers from newly elected Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason about what has been done since he has taken office, but he declined an interview.

The Department of Justice spent several months inside the Hinds County Detention Center investigating problems and conditions last year when the previous Lewis Administration was at the forefront.

The DOJ ordered the Sheriff's Office to have better training, more people working inside the jail, and provide updates to building standards.

New ceilings, cameras, windows and a multitude of upgrades were implemented. The Lewis Administration was advised to divert $5 million dollars from the sheriff's budget into the corrections budget to meet all necessary requirements.

The common problem in years past, detainees escaping through the ceiling. Those repaired ceilings are no longer a concern.

Now, Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason is faced with capital murder suspects knocking down brick walls.

Sheriff Mason admits he doesn't have the number of employees working inside the jail the DOJ requested, but according to the Hinds County website, there are no openings for the Sheriff's Office.

We asked Sheriff Mason for surveillance video proving the jailers conducted head counts and cell checks. That video has not been provided.

Mason said the two capital murder suspects knocked through a concrete wall in the daylight hours between 4 and 7 a.m. This is the same time a jailer is supposed to be assigned to the housing unit. Three on Your Side also requested surveillance video of the breakout, but Mason has not released that footage to our newsroom.

Documentation proving how many jailers were inside the time of the break out, as well as a copy of a certified head count were requested from Mason, but we are still waiting to see those public documents.

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