Round two winners at Miss Mississippi - - Jackson, MS

Round two winners at Miss Mississippi


First time wins for two contestants in the second night of preliminary competition at the Miss Mississippi Pageant; a former Miss Mississippi Outstanding teen, Molly May and a recent high school graduate took top honors in talent and swimwear. 

There is only one night left for preliminary competition at the Miss Mississippi Pageant.

There were two winners Thursday night. Asya Branch, Miss Historic Crossroads in Swimwear and Molly May, Miss Amory in Talent.

"I sang the House of the Rising Son by The Animals," said May. "I chose it just because I wanted to. I wanted to sing it. It was something that was very fun, I thought it told my personality and it told a story that I hoped people could relate to in some way."

"Well I really love fruits and vegetables, like it's like my favorite food so it wasn't hard for me to eat healthy," said Branch. "I mean I just cut out the corn dogs. I really love corn dogs. But I was a dancer and I ran track so cardio was great for me. I truly enjoy it and in the mornings I get up at 7 a.m. and walk my dog just to get my day started and that's wonderful exercise."

Branch competes in Talent Friday night. She plans to sing.

May will compete in evening wear and on stage question.

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