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Three Simpson County escapees still on the run

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Johnny Lee Taylor.....Source: SCSD Johnny Lee Taylor.....Source: SCSD
Shawn Bratcher.....Source: SCSD Shawn Bratcher.....Source: SCSD
Russell Williams...Source: SCSD Russell Williams...Source: SCSD

Three men who could be armed and dangerous were still on the run Tuesday night after escaping from the Simpson County Jail.

State, local and federal agencies are having a hard time figuring out just where they could be.

They are looking for 43-year-old Johnny Lee Taylor, 25-year-old Russell Williams and 26-year-old Shawn Dustin Bratcher. Multiple agencies saturated Simpson County Wednesday looking for them.

Sheriff Donald O'Cain said they even got a tip that one of the men was at Fred’s store in the community.

“He came in the construction business right over here about 10:30 with an ATM card and he asked was there an ATM machine and they didn't, so he left out of there and came toward Fred’s,” said the Sheriff.

“Somebody better catch them,” said Simpson County resident, Cheyenne Snow.

Classmates Kayla Carey and Cheyenne Snow are on edge after their community college was put on lockdown once word spread about the the three men escaping.

“Security was in the hallway taking care of staff, guarding the exit and entrances,” said Snow. 

The two students said what's even more scary is the three inmates could be armed and dangerous.

“The prison has to do a better job of cracking down on them,” added Snow.

All three inmates were in a maximum security pod with around four other men. Tuesday night, after the usual nightly bed check, the sheriff said the men broke the skylight and escaped.

“They were able to come up with something that they made and busted the plexiglass out of the window up there, and then they were able to tie sheets and they had to stand up on each other shoulders apparently to do it.”

The sheriff said both Taylor and Bracther have escaped in the past, and he admits the security has to be tightened. 

"Anytime we have an escape we look at anything involved, even with these skylights," said the sheriff. "We got some people that will come in and weld some extra rods and stuff over them. You wonder how a human being can go and get out, but they can figure out a way to do it.”

Many residents agree something should be done to stop these men before someone gets hurt.

“It scary for the community because I know kids are out for summer, so there's kids playing everywhere,” said Snow.

“I feel like unless they got transportation they are still in the area, and they will surface and we will get them,” added the sheriff.

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