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Yazoo clubs protesting new ordinance

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Club owners in Yazoo City say a new law is cutting into their bottom line. 

A new ordinance just went into effect in May, after police say multiple shootings and homicides were connected to activities at the nightclubs.

The recently passed ordinance in Yazoo City forces nightclubs to close their doors at the stroke of midnight. Club owners say that caused their drink sales to dry up, and business is slow.

"I lost over $2500 in the last 3 weeks because of this ordinance and it ain't fair," said club owner, Sullivan Johnson.

Johnson and other owners of establishments say most of their money is made in the early morning hours when the clubs get jumping. Now their DJ's are even feeling the pinch.

"We had two establishments that had to close down permanently because they can't make no money," added Johnson. "Some people that's how we feed our family through the nightlife," said Johnson.

City leaders say the ordinance is already curbing the violence.

"The chief of police seems to think it's working," said Ward 4 Alderman, Aubrey Brent. "The problem has been there have been so many disturbances on weekends. We had one period of time which we had a murder every weekend."

Alderman Brent says he wants all the club owners to succeed, because that equals to tax revenues for the city, but not at the cost of someone being injured or killed.

"If they can show us that they can have certified security guards there and that there's no more shootings no more killings, then we can go back and revisit this," said Brent.

Club owners hope to discuss later hours with city leaders during their monthly meeting this week.

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