Two women in custody after church burglary, vandalism - - Jackson, MS

Two women in custody after church burglary, vandalism

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Elizabeth Lauren Guy.....Source: RCSD Elizabeth Lauren Guy.....Source: RCSD
Anna Paige Smith.....Source-RCSD Anna Paige Smith.....Source-RCSD

Rankin County authorities have confirmed that the second woman involved in a church vandalism and burglary is now in custody.

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey said that Anna Smith's mother brought her to the Sheriff's Office, but Smith would not get out of the car.  Officers had to physically removed her. 

The Rankin County Sheriff's Department arrested Elizabeth Guy of Brandon for vandalizing Saint Marks United Methodist Church on Grants Ferry Road.

During interviews with investigators, she gave up her accomplice, Anna Smith of Ridgeland in the break-in.

This surveillance video from the burglary at St. Marks Church was so good, investigators were able to identify Elizabeth Guy and her accomplice tearing the place up Sunday night.

"They're seen on video going through the refrigerator throwing cookies around, opening single slice cheese then throwing them against the ceiling, writing obscenities on some of the tables and the walls," said Raymond Duke, Chief Investigator with the Rankin County Sheriff's Department.

After spilling cooking oil on the floor, the video shows the women using a Foosball table to break down a door to an office.

"Make access into there, that's where they stole some money and were able to get keys to the rest of the building and went throughout the building with the same basic foolishness," added Duke. "I'm not sure they know why they did it. Again, we only have one in custody, we feel certain she was under the influence of alcohol at the time, possibly something other than alcohol.  We do have cans of alcohol that they left on the property."

The dollar amount on the damage caused is unknown. Church officials declined to go on camera, but did release a statement that said they are praying for the two.

"They're facing at least commercial burglary and there's a special statute which commercial burglary carries 7 years," said Duke. "This is to a church or a synagogue which carries up to 14 years." 

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