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CONSIDER THIS: Too quick to convict

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Over the past few weeks there have been several tragedies and scary situations involving children. Without knowing all of the circumstances and many times relying on hearsay, gossip and unreliable sources, people quickly criticize the parents, businesses, officials and whoever else they think is at fault.

The internet – and especially social media –  is filled with inaccuracies. The hateful comments and lack of respect for fellow-man seems to be at an all-time low.

Nearly everyone now has a digital mouthpiece and they are more than happy to share their opinion regardless of what pain it might cause or whether the comments are even accurate. They have it all figured out and can do no wrong.

Everyone else is an idiot. Hmm… And I’ve always believed that Jesus was the only perfect person.

Consider This:

Thank goodness our legal system operates differently than social media. If we based our sentencing on Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms we would have thousands of innocent people already executed.

There are times when people must be held accountable, and that is why we have rules, regulations and a comprehensive judicial system. So before you type that hateful, judgmental message, think how you would feel if that was you, your family or a friend in that situation.

In other words, look in the mirror before you cast the first stone.  

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