Need for ambulances rise due to summer heat - - Jackson, MS

Need for ambulances rise due to summer heat

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The hot temperatures, we are experiencing, are also affecting ambulance services in Jackson.

"AMR regularly reevaluates the need of the community we serve," said AMR Clinical Education Manager Ryan Wilson. "During the summer time, because of things like heat related illnesses, we end up having a lot more ambulances and medics on the streets to take care of the patients." 

With temperatures steadily increasing, so are heat related illnesses. Wilson says more hands on deck is critical because AMR is beginning to see an increase in calls.

"We definitely see an increase in call volume during the summer months," said Wilson. "Trauma and heat illness is probably the most common call."

From heat cramps to heat exhaustion, Wilson says it's important you stay safe these hot summer days.
"One thing people need to be aware of is, if you have an elderly neighbor especially if they live by themselves, be aware of that," Wilson explained. "Let them come over to your house for a little bit, during the hottest time of the day, There are community centers available, outreach programs that can probably help with that." 

The key is to stay hydrated.

"Stay hydrated, take regular breaks inside where it is cool," said Wilson. "If you feel like you are getting dizzy or tired, take a break."

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