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Beat the heat at local businesses in the metro

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Ice cold water, sunglasses and shade provided by old oak trees could help metro area residents stay cool as the heat advisory stands out.

Local businesses explained they need extra manpower to help cope through the hot summer days.

Robert Bates said "Man, it's a scorcher out here."

As temperatures continued to increase so is business in the metro.

Jake Franklin said, "We see an increase in business. It's a considerable amount. We usually end up getting two shipments of food or produce a day."

Owner of Deep South Pops, Jake Franklin, said this is one of the cool places people can beat the heat sampling the summer assortment of Popsicle.

Franklin said, "During the winter months we were producing six to eight hours per day. During the summer that will increase to twelve to sixteen hours per day."

Keeping cool for kids participating in summer camps along with many others was easy as they opted for the splash pad at the Jackson Zoo Friday.

Bates said, "We are out here at the Jackson Zoo. Everybody, we hope y'all stay good and drink plenty of water."

Staying hydrated is the key and zoo employees said they are keeping a close eye on the temperatures and providing extra water for park animals.

Franklin added, "Moving into summer we will do a lot more fresh fruit and summer flavors. Last summer we were making anywhere from one to two new flavors per week. We will get back into that routine pretty soon."

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