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Walt's Look Around: Mound Trail

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Representatives of state and federal highway departments and folks from Archives and History as well as tribal representatives have unveiled another odyssey we can grab our maps and follow around the state; the Mound Trail, exploring our Native American heritage.

Marked out are a few of the Indian Mound sites in Mississippi. And not only are they pointed out on maps, but new signage at the mounds themselves gives important information about them.

And state and county road departments have installed new safe pull-offs so you can get out of your car. Director of Archives and History, Katie Blount says the Mound Trail gives exposure to the first chapter of Mississippi History.

“We hope it brings more attention to our rich Native American heritage," said Blount. "The story of the Native American experience here in Mississippi is one of the most important stories in our history.”

I grew up with Princella Nowell who lives near the Winterville Mounds, north of Greenville, where the dedication ceremony for the Mound Trail was held. She’s already tried out a part of it.

“Oh I’m fantastically excited about it," said Nowell. "I took a tour not long ago and we went all the way down to Grace, Mississippi and over to Stoneville and back here.”

Sam Brooks, retired archeologist, says the Mound Trail has already added new knowledge to these sites.

“And many of these mounds, even though archeologists have known about them for a hundred years, none of them had even been tested," said Brooks. "And with this Mound Trail project, now all these mounds have been tested.”

And John Nelson in Batesville says the marking of the Batesville Mounds is not the end of their work there, but hopefully the springboard for more new things.

“We would like to have a museum some day," said Nelson. "And this is the logical place to have a museum that will go along with the historical site that we already have.”

Our Indian Mounds are the oldest artifacts we have, most hundreds, some thousands of years old. And thanks to the Mound Trail, we can learn some new things about our oldest history.

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