Sheriff Bailey wraps up MRAP vehicle - - Jackson, MS

Sheriff Bailey wraps up MRAP vehicle


The Rankin County Sheriff's Department officially has a new heavyduty crime fighting tool. It's a piece of military surplus equipment called a Mine Repellant Ambush Protected vehicle or MRAP.

"After two long years and a lot of red tape we finally have a vehicle that without a doubt will protect the deputies, police officers and citizens of Rankin County," said Sheriff Bryan Bailey. "A big thank you to the MS Office of Surplus Property and the Rankin County Board of Supervisors for your assistance in obtaining this life saving piece of equipment. And for anyone concerned about the cost, this is a $800,000 plus vehicle purchased for around $10,000 with drug dealers money!!!!"

Last year, President Barack Obama issued an executive order on local law enforcement agencies' access to military surplus equipment.

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