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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Unholy mess on McDowell

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A 3 On Your Side viewer sent a Facebook message that reads, in part, "the entrance to our church located at 325 McDowell Road has been almost impassable and tore up for over 3 weeks.We have called the city of Jackson sewer department but no one seems to care. Please help!"

I checked it out in a special Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report. 

Getting into Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church takes much prayer according to its members.

 "Because there's not even road work signs ahead," said Laura Coleman. "You kind of know about the road work while you're going through it, so there's no warning signs as well."

Coleman is talking about the construction project underway on the stretch of McDowell Road that cuts right across the entrance to her church.

"Some of our greatest fears have already happened," said Stephanie Smith, another church member. "We had a member that was coming to church Sunday before last and had an accident."

That church member is Sally Plump.

"I was getting ready to turn into the parking lot and a truck came over the hill and hit me; totaled out my car," said Plump.

"We have members who are taxpayers, who expect that this should've been done in at least one to two weeks," added Coleman. "But we're going on four to five weeks and it is just disruptive."

She said a funeral service is planned for Saturday and she admits she's concerned.

"So we just want the city of Jackson to at least come out; finish this project; tell us something and move the connector from the middle of the road and give us an entrance," said Coleman.

"One of these days, somebody really gonna get hurt," added Plump.

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