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Guns sales increase in Mississippi after Orlando Mass shooting

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Days after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, talk of gun control is prompting a spike in gun sales.  

Many are now wondering how easy or difficult it is to buy a high capacity firearm.

At Van's Deer Processing & Sporting Goods in Brandon, more than 40 semi-automatic rifles have been sold since the mass shooting.  

An AR-15 style rifle is a lightweight firearm, but its punch is powerful and sometimes deadly.

While it may be easy to get a rifle like this in some places, the Brandon gun shop owner feels it shouldn't be. 

“We get a lot of sales with these, but these guns originated in the Vietnam War era and it has been here ever since,” said Gun Shop Owner Van Allen.

The high powered style rifle was used in the Orlando mass shooting and several of the other recent mass shootings in this country, but Allen says most of the ones he sells are for sporting events and competition sports. 

“It is so intimidating to look at and it does get a bad rap," Allen said. "People think it is a machine gun and it should be used in the military only.”

It is important to know that these assault style rifles are not fully automatic.  

Allen says there is no special paper work that people, wishing to buy this type of rifle, have to fill out. They go through the same background check form as if they were buying a regular handgun.

“He answers the questions like 'is he a fugitive', 'has he used drugs' and 'has he ever been committed to a mental facility'," said Allen. "Then this background check goes through the crime center in Atlanta, so if they have any kind of record, it is going to show up and deny them.” 

While Allen admits the approval only takes minutes most of the time, he said it is important that gun dealers also use their own good judgment.

“If he comes here and I think he is impaired, I won't sell him a gun. If I think he is crazy, I am not selling him a gun," Allen said. "We have our own judgment to use.” 

Allen said that since Sunday's mass shooting, guns sales have increased and he says the shop has sold more than 100 guns in the past few days, due to fear and talk about gun restrictions.

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