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M.A.C and Associates LLC asks City of Jackson to stop infrastructure project

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A local contractor, M.A.C. and Associates, hired by Jackson and Siemens Industries, is asking the city to put a stop to an entire infrastructure project. 

The request comes just weeks after the company filed a lawsuit against Siemens for not honoring its contract.

Two weeks ago, Marcus Wallace and his employees stood on the steps of City Hall, to announce a $37 million dollar lawsuit against Siemens. 

"We've laid off about 100 plus employees," Wallace said. "Of course we've lost a lot of revenue because of this situation."

Wallace went to Tuesday night's council meeting looking for answers.  His company sent a certified letter to the City of Jackson's Equal Business Opportunity Office to have the infrastructure project shut down. 

"Certain penalties are underlined in the contract," Wallace explained. "One being such, shutting the project down and another withholding 10 percent of the project." 

His company is suing Siemens for $37 million for breach of contract. He also says the company was out of compliance with the Equal Business Opportunity clause.

"We talking $90 million," Wallace said. "That's $9 million that the citizens could easily put back into the city for being out of compliance."

Lawyers for the City of Jackson told council members to not comment on Wallace's request, because the situation is still under litigation, but some members who were initially vocal about the Siemens deal, spoke up.

"We tried to stop this, and the train had left the station when we got on the tracks," said De'Keither Stamps, Jackson councilman.

Wallace says this is a bad deal, not only for his company, but for Jackson and he's hoping a solution comes soon.

"Everything is public record," he said. "It's open to the public and we knew it could be slower going through city so we wanted to go two or three steps ahead and give it to council."

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