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Orlando victims remembered at Tougaloo College


Educators, members of the clergy, and those of different faiths came together at Tougaloo College, Tuesday night, as a sign of solidarity in the fight against fear, hate and discrimination. 

They say it is the best way to honor the victims of the Orlando massacre.

"On Sunday, the target was the LGBT community," said Fatih Ozcan, of the Dialogue Institute. "In the past, other groups have been targeted, such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, journalists and others."

This ceremony at Tougaloo College was a show of unity against the spread of fear, hate, violence and terrorism, organized by Voices Against Extremism, the Dialogue Institute, educators and members of the clergy.

"Being supportive of people in the United States who want to live their life in freedom and should not have to be fearful." said James Bowley with Voices Against Extremism

One of the messages was that Islam does not approve of terrorism in any form.

The other was the concern for members of the LGBT community in Mississippi.

Some expressed their belief that House Bill 1523 opens the door to discrimination.

"I call on them to end their silence at such a moment as this," said Troy Hollin, a local minister. "The silence of our state leadership is horrible."

There were songs, prayers, and readings from different faiths.

Organizers say the ceremony honors the Orlando victims, their families, and those who are injured but  it also sends a message that terrorism in this country will not be accepted or tolerated.

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