Paving begins on Watkins Drive - - Jackson, MS

Paving begins on Watkins Drive

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

From Forest Avenue to Northside Drive, Watkins Drive is getting a makeover.  

Hinds County officials are using $537,000 in state transportation funds to make it happen.  

"You're going to see the board of supervisors take a more active role as far as helping the city paving streets and paving roads, because this is no longer a problem, this is a crisis," said Hinds County District 1 Supervisor Robert Graham.

Hinds County has secured $5 million to be used to pave Jackson streets.  

Residents say they are pleased to see tax money being allocated to their areas.  

"We live in the city and can enjoy driving in the city," said Donald Jones. "Getting a good car - not worrying about busting a wheel, tires, tearing it up on the city of Jackson streets, so it's an honor to see them doing something to Watkins Drive. I pray they'll continue to move through the city as they can."

"It's terrible dodging potholes, cracks everyday. Got to drive at a slow rate, just to take care of my tires," said Otis Cornelius. "I think I had to replace tires more than often because of that."

Lanes will be slimmed down while the paving is going on. 

Motorists are being warned to look out for workers in the road, and of course potholes, but hopefully not for long.  

"I'll be glad when they come across town, come on through more parts of the city and do something about the potholes," Jones said. "There's so many holes in the city of Jackson, some people took up trying to fix the holes themselves."

Officials say it should take a week to pave Watkins Drive, weather permitting.

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