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Urgent need for blood donations in Mississippi

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When a tragedy of great magnitude occurs, the immediate need is often blood for victims.

Mississippi Blood Services says we have emergencies on a smaller scale. 

Now the concern is some shelves are running bare of critically needed units.

"We are encouraging donors to just come out," Mississippi Blood Services P.R. and Communications Manager Merle Eldridge said. "And if they want to give in support of the victims in Orlando, we are encouraging people to do so."

People turned out by the hundreds giving blood Sunday, in Orlando.

Monday morning in Flowood, several people sat in chairs giving blood. 

All of blood donated will be used in Mississippi.

"The thing to remember is that it is a large scale tragedy," said Eldridge. "It's so unfortunate and terribly sad, but we have small scale tragedies here in Mississippi every single day."

While people are volunteering to donate, shelves are being depleted just as quickly.

"So we are at a critical level for many of our blood types including O-, O+, and B+ and  B-," Eldridge explained. "We actually submitted an urgent plea last week, because of those blood types and we were at less than a days supply."

The biggest demand is O-, because only 7 percent of the population has O- blood.

O- is in demand as well, because it is the Universal blood type - the first type grabbed in emergencies.

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