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Mississippi officials discuss how the state's preparing for a worst case scenario

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The Orlando shooting is forcing Mississippi to take a closer look at its action plans.

Is the state prepared to handle a worst case scenario like Orlando?

It may seem basic, but even something as minor as seeing an unattended bag in a parking lot, needs to be reported.

"This is not a uniformed marching war, but it is a war just as surely as the second world war or the Vietnam conflict," said Governor Phil Bryant. "So, yes, we need to be prepared on the home front to know that we are at war and do something about it."

Bryant said he believes Mississippi is ready to respond to a worst case scenario, like Orlando.

"We always do, but I'm sure the Orlando Police Department felt good," Bryant noted. "I'm sure San Bernardino felt good. It is really establishing the priorities."

That's why he's asking the Department of Public Safety to re-evaluate protocol for things like large events.

Gatherings of people for things, like sporting events or concerts, could be considered "soft targets".

The Office of Homeland Security notes they're investigating any and all threats, but a big responsibility is on you.

"Human intuition is a great thing," said Rusty Barnes, Executive Director of Mississippi Office of Homeland Security. "And if you see something that just does not feel right and looks out of place, report it."

Barnes said something that seems minor could be a small piece to a bigger puzzle that will help investigators.

He also noted that ISIS can be right in your own backyard.

"Mississippi is not immune from their citizens being radicalized," Barnes explained. "There's over 200,000 pro-ISIS tweets put out on Twitter daily."

There is a hotline where you can report suspicious activity. It is 1-888-4-SAFE-MS. 

There is also a link on the Office of Homeland Security website, where you can submit the details of the suspicious activity.

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