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Jackson's LGBT community holds vigil for Orlando victims

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Dozens of people joined together at a candlelight vigil for the victims of Orlando's mass shooting, at JC's bar, on Sunday.

"It's just a terrible, terrible day," said Jennie Smith of Unity Mississippi. "Regardless, we'll remember this day forever now, sadly." 

"I'm here because I feel a lot of anger and sadness that this happened," said Dena Robinson, a concerned citizen. "It's LGBT pride month."

Robinson was worried sick Sunday morning, because she hadn't heard from her friends who were at Pulse nightclub, early Sunday morning.

"I didn't hear from them I thought oh my god, when the list of names comes out, I may see my friend's name on the list," Robinson explained.

At the vigil, people from all walks of life gave their thoughts about the attack and how it personally affected them.

"In Mississippi, we are already vulnerable because of lack of legal protections in place for LGBT people, said Rob Hill, State Director of the Human Rights Campaign. "So something like this, this horrific attack, happens, it makes LGBT people feel even more vulnerable." 

"To lose some of our family members, it's really hurtful," said Jesse Pandolfo, owner of Wanderlust Nghtclub in Jackson. "Really hurtful, whether you know them personally or not."

Pandolfo says this type of tragedy could have happened anywhere.

"Obviously safety is the top priority. It always is. It always has to be," Pandolfo said. "We will continue to do whatever we have to do keep everybody safe."

"How did the guy walk in the place with a rifle, guns and all this stuff. Somebody should have been there watching whose going and coming," said Jack Myers, owner of JC's. "But when it gets that late, and it starts winding down, you kind of forget about what's going on at your front door," 

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