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Could appeals court concealed carry ruling impact Mississippi?

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A federal appeals court in California says people have no right to carry concealed guns.But could the ruling have any effect on Mississippians?

The question before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was, can states prohibit or restrict conceal carry? But some folks think the Second Amendment is the only permit you need to carry a gun.

"Mississippi law provides very clearly that the person does have a right to carry concealed or openly if they so choose," said Rep. Andy Gipson-R.

Rep. Andy Gipson has been instrumental in work on some of Mississippi's state gun laws. 

"Justice system should be there to protect our fundamental rights, to provide the broadest protection of the laws," noted Gipson. "But we see with these types of rulings is the gradual chipping away."

Gipson said the ruling doesn't change anything for Mississippians. 

"But it is worth watching because it could be a sign of what's to come future decisions at the federal level," Gipson added.

Some folks think safeguards need to be in place.

"I think if people are going to conceal a weapon, they are to have a good reason and the required have a good reason," said Luke Lundemo.

Others feel like the arguments are a catch 22.

"It's our freedom as Americans to be able to carry weapons," explained Nathan Smith. "But it's also a dangerous fact to actually hold a dangerous weapon that can end a life within seconds."

So, let's review what you can and can't do when it comes to carrying a gun in Mississippi. You can open carry or carry in a holster, purse or backpack.The only time you now need a permit is for the enhanced concealed carry. That allows you to go into more public places while carrying.

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