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New developments in the Skyler Burnley missing persons case

Joseph Skylar Burnley (Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept.) Joseph Skylar Burnley (Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Skylar Burnley - Source: RCSD Skylar Burnley - Source: RCSD

Dramatic, new developments have unfolded in a case out of Rankin County.

A key piece of evidence was found in the search for Skyler Burnley, who has been missing since June 3.

But the question remains: Is this a missing persons case or potential murder investigation?  

Police say a third person is now under arrest. Matthew McCoy has been charged with vehicle theft.

Cadaver dogs are now being brought in to search the same wooded area where Burnley was last seen.

Rankin County Undersheriff Raymond Duke says that there was evidence of drug use in Travis Brewer's Pearl home, where Burnley stayed Thursday night.

"We are not going to rule anything out at this time," Duke said Friday, "We do know that the individuals involved were possibly involved in the drug trade." 

According to investigators, Amanda Morris, Travis Brewer and Skyler Burnley woke up Friday morning and found that Brewer's pickup truck and cell phone were missing. 

Brewer claims that he and Burnley tracked the phone to woods outside of Brandon.

He told investigators that they got out of the car and left his girlfriend, Morris, and their child inside. 

Then Brewer and Burnley reportedly went separate ways in the woods. 

Burnley was last seen in a gas station surveillance photo, near the area, at 9:48 a.m. Friday morning.  

Investigators say that Brewer called 911, 15 hours later, at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning to report his truck stolen.

Brewer tells the operator that his truck was found, then he mentions his missing friend, Burnley.  

According to the Undersheriff, that vehicle was found broken down by Brewer without his cell phone inside. 

"I have reason to believe now the cell phone may have never been in it," said Duke. "So the story about them searching for the phone may have been a problem." 
Brewer's cell phone has now been recovered.It had been thrown out in a grassy area near his home.

Police say that they do not know what they are looking for in the cell phone exactly. 

"Well until we  get in it we don't know," Duke said. "What I am hoping. is to find its locations and possible correspondence with someone that may have been planning Sky's demise."

There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to Burnley.

Brewer and his girlfriend Morris remain jailed on $100,000 bonds each.

They are facing charges of possession of drug paraphernalia in their home.

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