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Mississippi Highway Patrol kicks off Stop the Knock campaign

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Troopers are stretched thin and are constantly responding to crashes. A new campaign is aimed at lowering those numbers.

It's not a ticket writing campaign though. Instead, they're asking you to think of the worst case scenario--in hopes they won't be knocking on loved ones door with bad news.

"Come down to the morgue and help or try to identify a mangled body of a teenage son or daughter," said Mississippi Department of Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz.

It's been nearly a decade since Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz has made a knock like this on the door for a family whose children were killed. Santa Cruz says the Department's already been criticized for the graphic nature of it's "Stop the Knock" campaign. But he said, not so fast.

"I've seen mothers pass out in the floor. I've seen fathers get on their knees and cry," described Santa Cruz."That's graphic."

Troopers are hoping that sharing one of the toughest parts of their job will make you think twice about the decisions you make behind the wheel.

"It cannot fall on just the shoulders of law enforcement for people to arrive home safely," noted Captain Johnny Poulos. "So here again, good responsible decisions for people getting behind the wheel is what we're asking for."

Stop the Knock is aimed at slowing down the rising numbers of deadly crashes on our roads. 228 people have been killed this year. 19 of those deaths were teens.

"Mississippi has a total of 10,900 miles of highways and interstates in this state," Lt. Colonel Randy Ginn, MHP Deputy Director. "And that's a lot to cover but this effort is too important."

The campaign will run through the summer months.

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