Vandals damage and steal Hinds County equipment - - Jackson, MS

Vandals damage and steal Hinds County equipment

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An arson attack on Hinds County property has fire and police investigators trying to find ways to combat the problem, before it gets worse.  

The most recent case happened at the county storage facility at 6000 North McRaven Road.  

It is still a mystery as to who would deliberately set fire to all this Hinds County equipment and steal from the county facility, but Hinds County officials said it will now cost around $500,000 to replace everything. 

“It is nightmare," said Hinds County EOC Director Ricky Moore. "Who would steal a couple of batteries, a water hose, a couple of tools, and a monitor that can't be used anywhere and set the fire to the rest of it."

Moore said what makes him even more upset is most of the now melted, mangled mess was to help during disasters.

“This hurricane season, you can take the equipment out of these trailers and send them to the coast. First responders could sleep in these trailers," said Moore. "What kind of person would destroy public assets that are designed to help them if they need it help. We are very, very frustrated over this.” 

Officials with the Jackson Fire Department said this arson is one of 52 investigated, so far this year.

The total number last year was 102.

“This year, we could close out with less and that is our goal," said JFD Division Fire Chief Cleotha Sanders. "But as I stated earlier, arson related crimes are unpredictable.” 

Sanders said that in most arson cases, the motives are usually the same.

"Sometimes they are committed because of a theft, where persons are trying to cover up a crime," Sanders said. "Sometimes they are committed because of revenge with domestic issues and sometimes they are committed when someone is trying to gain some monetary gain.”

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