Hot deals on wheels at Jackson Police Impound - - Jackson, MS

Hot deals on wheels at Jackson Police Impound

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Some in the market for seriously used wheels lined up Saturday morning to bid on City of Jackson Surplus vehicles.

Crowds interested in buying everything from cars, boats, trucks and SUVs were looking for a deal.

The public auction at the City of Jackson Police Impound offered about 200 surplus vehicles, many in need of some serious repair.

About 170 people converged on the impound lot to buy the seized, stolen or abandoned vehicles.

Shoppers with plans to put the cars on the road looked over the vehicles before the auctioneers took the highest bid.

"The city is charged by law to periodically advertise that they have these vehicles and depending upon the response to the advertisement if people don't pick them up, they sell them. The money put it in the general fund," said Nick Clark of Clark Auction Company.

City of Jackson Public Auctions are held about three times a year. The next will take place in the fall.

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