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Jackson business "Smash and Dash"

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Thousands of dollars were stolen and a Jackson business was damaged after an overnight break-in. It happened at a busy Shell Station on Gallatin Street at I-20. We have obtained surveillance video of the thieves in the act.

A small opening in the rear of the business shows how the thieves gained entry after midnight. Surveillance video we watched showed how this crime was carried out.

"It looked like there were two guys because one guy was back there," according to store owner Ravita. "I saw porch lights coming in so there had to be somebody helping him. They tear up another wall, leading directly into the business office, then thrown down a heavily loaded storage unit. 

"They broke into the office. Yes there is a glass in the office. They broke the glass in the office and knocked this rack down. I guess they couldn't open the office door," Ravita told us Friday.

That led them to the cash register. JPD detectives report $13,000.00 dollars stolen during the heist.

"They all came here for the cash, they were looking for the cash. Because they went in my office they took their time. They took their time," said the owner.. "They opened all the drawers, took a lot of money," 

Friday the owner was double checking her security system.Thursday night the business alarm failed to go off, no one was notified of the break-in.  

Other security measures are under scrutiny, and the owners are nervous.

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