Criminals pretending to represent UPS and FedEx - - Jackson, MS

Criminals pretending to represent UPS and FedEx

Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives

Criminals trying to break into your home are pretending to represent companies like UPS and FedEx.

The con artists will call you and say you missed a delivery and then ask when is a good time to stop by again.

If you tell them when you will not be home they might take advantage of the information you shared and break-in.
"This is something that people have to realize, these delivery companies, UPS and FedEx, don't typically call you when there's a delivery. Now a larger company would, but UPS and FedEx do not call you. They will leave you a little yellow sticker that says we tried to deliver this please contact us," says John O'Hara, the CEO for the Better Business Bureau in Mississippi. 

O'Hara says a Brandon family recently received a call from one of the phony delivery workers.

Instead of going to work the family stayed home to watch out for any suspicious activity. 

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