Car sized hole in Jackson street - - Jackson, MS

Car sized hole in Jackson street

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Some West Jackson residents are fed up with a hole that lies in the middle of their street. 

We are told that the eyesore is on Valley Street is due to pipe work that started last fall.

Safety is the primary concern because the hole looks to be more than 10 feet deep and there are not proper barriers around it. 

"It's embarrassing," said Jackson resident Shirley Harris. 

Harris and her husband Willie, say it's been more than 8 months since construction started on Valley Street and they want to know why it's taking so long.

"It just makes the neighborhood look trashy and ghetto and we refuse to see this going on," said Harris.

Neighbors say they were initially told pipes were being repaired and the city was waiting on parts to finish it up construction.

"They got to this part and just stopped. And that was the end of it," said Goldie Watson, who lives and works near the hole. "It's been like that since the last year. It's a shame we have to sit here and watch this hole stay for almost a year"

Businesses on this street are also feeling the effects of the eyesore in the community.

"Mr. Willie at Valley Street Fish House, he said he's been working with the city, for I don't know how long for trying to resolve this," said Harris. 

"A lot of people don't even come through here," said Watson. "They already know it's tore up so they detour, keep on down"

Parents that live on the street are concerned for the safety of their children and want the work complete. 

"That hole is way more than 10 feet deep you know if it come a big rain or flood or something and a kid will come by, playing and misjudge it they off it," Willie Harris said. "We hate to see that kind of tragedy happen around here"

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