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Protect yourself from car theft

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Protect yourself and your belongings from criminals. 

The message is simple and it's something that everyone is capable of doing.

With the simple lock of a door and click of a remote, you are not giving the criminal element an opportunity to steal your car or your belongings.

"We make it so much easier for them when we leave the car unlocked, said Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman. 

Hayman says that crime does slightly increase during summer months in Clinton.

He says Clinton Police have recently caught two men accused of multiple auto burglaries and several counts of larceny.

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, Hayman stresses the importance of locking your doors.

"This was a crime of opportunity so to speak," Hayman said. "People leaving cars unlocked, leaving valuables inside the cars. It just creates an opportunity to provide someone with the opportunity to commit a felony crime."

Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones says regardless the time of year, simple routines can steer away criminals.

"It's a safety measure that should be taken year round. We strongly encourage people to lock their residence and their vehicles as well," said Jones. "As far as residences are concerned it's good to know your neighbors. If you are out of town, have someone look out for your residence and if they see any suspicious activity, they can call police and alert them. 

"We are starting a summer campaign to educate and ask for assistance from our community to simply lock your vehicles and remove your valuables from inside your car," said Hayman.

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