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Governor Bryant receives award following signing of controversial law

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The divide on the Religious Accommodations Act is getting even deeper.

Some have rallied against the Governor, but now, others are praising him for the new law.

Governor Bryant received the first ever Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award from the Family Research Council on May 26.

The group praised Bryant for signing the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2014 and HB 1523, this year.

"They don't know that if it takes crucifixion, we will stand in line before abandoning our faith and our belief in our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ," said Bryant during the acceptance speech.

Despite the fact it was one of Governor Phil Bryant's most controversial actions this year, it was celebrated by the Family Research Council..

"About 60 days ago, it seemed as if all of the secular progress of the world decided that they were going to pour their anger and their frustration, other friends of the media willingly joining with them, to bring all of them could upon the governor of the state," noted Governor Bryant.

But those very statements are what were used against Bryant in the latest brief filed in federal court. 

The Campaign for Southern Equality referenced his speech, saying he's not expressing a willingness to meet constitutional requirements. 

Still, Bryant has never backed down from his position.

"I will tell you and I probably shouldn't admit this but there is some joy in letting them know we are not afraid," added Bryant.

While the opponents have been the most vocal and visible force within the 1523 fight, a Mason Dixon poll from April showed that 63 percent of Mississippians polled, supported the law.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy noted, at the time, that most people in the state believe in the principle of "live and let live". 

The ACLU is also challenging the law.

As a reminder, it's not set to take effect till July 1.

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