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Old warehouse catches fire in Canton

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Canton fire investigators are digging for answers after the Federal Compress Warehouse on Canal Street lit up the sky around two Thursday morning.
Canton firefighters had their hands full containing a massive blaze at the Federal Compress Warehouse. All the commotion woke up Willie Porter. When he stepped outside, the heat pushed him back.

 "I mean the intensity of the fire and the power of it. When I opened my door to look out it was like sticking my head in the oven," says Porter.

The intensity of this fire was so hot that it reached across the street and burned a portion of Porter's car, getting dangerously close to his home.

"The chairs on the porch had caught on fire. That was the main thing getting those chairs out because if I didn't wake up and come out with those chairs on fire it would have set the house on fire. So I went back inside and got some water in the kitchen and doused the chairs out," says Porter.

The fire also damaged electrical wires above Porter's home, the stop sign at the end of his block and an SUV parked next door. 

At one time the Federal Compress Warehouse stored cotton bails, but has been vacant for about 15 years.

"We lost about two-thirds of the building. Like I said it was an old building, abandoned for a number of years, it was in the process of being demolished," says Canton fire department Chief Andrew Hughes. 

Porter says he typically parks his car with the front facing the warehouse. Now, he's grateful he pulled in a different way because although the damage is bad it could have been worse.

"I can replace the part on the car that's no thing, it's good the house didn't catch on fire. That would have been catastrophic," says Porter. 

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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