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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Queens Circle sinkhole crisis

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A west Jackson resident needed help with a huge problem threatening her home. A massive sink hole, literally threatening her property and, so far, no help from the responsible party; the city of Jackson.

Regina Taylor lives on a time bomb, so to speak. Heavy rains recently washed away a decaying city drainage pipe that ran across the road, leaving a giant, growing sinkhole beside her house. 

This sinkhole is so massive, it's already started swallowing things like the fence and part of the backyard and the city of Jackson has already been out here, but that's been more than a month ago

"They looked, inspected it, but they found out it was going to be a little more involved than what he had originally planned to do," said Taylor. "So there, he told me that he couldn't give me an estimated time on when they could get this done, so I've been calling."

Those calls, she said, not returned, sometimes not answered. A fault line has already developed around Taylor's house.

"At this point, I don't know how much dirt done washed out from under my foundation," added Taylor. "I don't know if tomorrow my house is just going to sink in."

Taylor's daughter, Kim Givens is the one who emailed Three On Your Side. 

"Not only can her house continue to dwindle away, I have kids over here and I don't want my children being hurt or not only my children, the other children that live over here being hurt," said Givens.

Taylor has lived here on Queens Circle for 26-years. She's retired now and her house is paid for. 

I pay my taxes every year. I pay taxes for the road," she said. "Even if they could tell me when they gonna fix it.I can't do anything to my house  to secure it until they do what they gotta do on account of drainage. With this, what's happening now, I'm not gonna have anywhere to live. I won't have a home to call home."

"I'm so disappointed at this time, that if I could afford to move, I would move," added Taylor.

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