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Hinds County honors more than 500 veterans

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Veterans who served in wars as far back as the Korean war were honored with pins at the Hinds county Memorial day service, a small token for their service to our country, as they remembered their brothers and sisters who didn't make it home.

"It means a lot because the guys that passed, the guys that I have known, their families miss them," said Curtis Jones, who served in the Navy in the Persian Gulf War. "To me it hurts because they're not here, but we still honor them like they are here."

The ceremonyy featured stories of courage, songs and prayer.  A wreath was laid in front of the war memorial.

Mary Ann Wells father Louis Jiggitts is among those that died serving in World War II.  His name is inscribed in the stone, along with nearly 500 others from Hinds County that died serving in the military.

Louis Jiggitts was stationed in the south Pacific.  He was captured in a picture serving as security for General Douglas MacArthur.
He suffered a heart attack while serving abroad, and died in 1945.

"I remembered him and I always cry when Taps is played because it was played at his funeral," said Mary Ann Wells. "Every war they gave their lives and I'm thankful that they did."

Veterans here say they will never forget those who didn't make it home, and use this day to honor their bravery.

Luis Vargas who hosted the ceremony said, "Definitely a lot of friends very close friends.  it means a lot to me to be able to be here," said Luis Vargas, who hosted the ceremon. :I thank God for blessing me to come home to my family and enjoy my family."

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