Two traffic fatalities reported as Mississippi's Memorial Day We - - Jackson, MS

Two traffic fatalities reported as Mississippi's Memorial Day Weekend begins


It's now day two of Mississippi Highway Patrol's statewide Memorial Day travel enforcement and troopers there has already been two deadly crashes. With millions of people hitting the road, drivers are pleased to see a police presence working to keep the roads safe.

People traveling on Highway 80 in Hinds County were met by state troopers checking to make sure they were following the rules of the road.

“We are making sure people have their seat belts on, we are making sure people don't have the presence of alcohol and that you have a valid driver’s license and insurance, and all the other requirements to operate a vehicle out here,” Corporal Eric Henry said.

The enforcement period including increase patrols began Friday night across the state.

“Last night in the Hattiesburg District, we had two fatalities and that's too many so far and we want to detour that,” said Henry.

Troopers say one of the biggest issue they see on the road is distracted driving, from putting on makeup to texting on cell phones.

“Speeding is also a big issue, you are in a hurry, you are trying to get to your destination, but we want people to slow down and get to their destination safely because speed kills,” said Corporal Henry.

Many drivers said they appreciate the extra eyes watching the roads during this busy travel time.

“There are a lot of people out on the road and it keeps people driving a little slower when people are out on the road,” said one driver.

“Especially with the drunk drivers because if you are going to get drunk you need to stay home because this vehicle becomes a lethal weapon and people know this,” said another driver.  

MHP's enforcement period ends Monday at midnight. 

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