Reservoir police beefing up holiday water patrol - - Jackson, MS

Reservoir police beefing up holiday water patrol


While troopers and other law enforcement monitor the roads, Reservoir Police will be making sure your boating experience is safe over the holiday weekend and a lot of people are already on the water.

Chief Perry Waggener said his officers will be checking for proper flotation devices and alcohol, which is NOT allowed on boats or sandbars.

"It is the same standard as for cars," Said Chief Waggener. "We use the same machine as we do for DUI's. We will be out, proactively, enforcing DUI enforcement, as well as Wildlife Fisheries and Parks who are our partners on this lake. We work closely with them and we'll be working together to make sure that everybody has a safe and happy holiday."

Make sure you don't have glass containers on your boat or sandbars along the lake. There's a hefty fine for that.

And be sure your running lights work in case you're on the water after dark.

Waggener says reckless operation is one of the most frequent citations by his officers.

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