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Squatters take over abandoned home in Jackson

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People in a northeast Jackson neighborhood are frustrated that they can't seem to get rid of some unwelcome guests. They are calling on the city and police to help move some squatters out.

Imagine having people who don't live in your neighborhood start to come to the area and live in and outside an abandon property. That's just what is going on here on Wayneland Drive  and several neighbors are not happy about it.

“Something has to be done with this house, either cleaned up, the house fixed or the house torn down,” said neighbor Walker Hindsman.

For more than a year, neighbors said the vacant home has unfortunately been an open door for anyone who wants to stay there.

“They have torn the fence down to jump over to get into the house, they have blankets and pillows back there, they have defecated in the backyard and it is really nasty,” said Hindsman.

 The neighbors said they tried to run off the unwanted guests as well as clean and acquire the property, but they haven't had much look.

“I tried to take ownership of it, cut the grass, put up the small fence, filing everything downtown,” said resident Jemarcus Lewis.

“I cut the grass yesterday and there have been people squatting back here and I had them arrested,” said Hindsman.

The fear is the squatters will cause more problems in the neighborhood.

“It could be drug related or sex offenders, guys could come in and take the kids in there. It is pretty much not safe and it is a health hazard,” said Lewis.

We reached out to the city about the issue and are still waiting for a response. Jackson Police say if folks living in the area know the owner, call  and ask him or her to better secure the residence because it is their responsibility.  

They wouldn't advise anyone to confront squatters, instead call police if they see any suspicious activity.

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